Magazine Overlay Series


This series consists of 24 wall mounted overlays, each translated from a different magazine.  A sheet of vellum was overlayed on the magazine’s pages (starting at the cover and working through to the end), and the primary text headings were traced in ink, following the predominant color scheme present throughout the magazine. This action was repeated for each magazine, focusing only on article headings, advertisements, or primary titles. The text appears on the vellum as it would occur on the actual page – leaving the one piece of vellum as the consolidated chaos of the words that illicit attraction to the content in the pages. The final images serve as a document of the content – without any content at all. I’m curious about this accumulation that can only be understood as one consolidated image – the words and typeface as symbols in themselves, and as a representation of the range of identities put forth by magazines. 

MOS front view 2.jpg

Each image is contained in a clear acrylic sleeve and suspended 6” off the wall by aluminum rod.   They have been grouped here by rather generalized “categories”, but can also rearranged and combined to heighten the similarities and contradictions between these cultural documents.

MOS women's.jpg